Tool List

6 months in I've already used quite a few different tools. I'll initially start a list here of what I'm using and then post about separate issues later on.

  • Jabref - Reference managing software
  • Sciplore - Mind mapping software
  • Latex (TeXworks) - Typesetting
  • Foxit - pdf reader
  • Open Office - General word processing and Spreadsheeting
  • Bazaar - Version contol
  • Matlab/Simulink - Data analysis and Simulation
  • Pdf conversion software
  • Planner - gantt chart tool
  • Gmail + Google calendar - Email and Calendar
  • Winmerge - document merging and differencing
  • zbar - split the windows menu bar between two desktops
  • Irfanview - image viewer
  • Ghostscript - document viewer for postscript
  • Google sketchup - 3D CAD software
If there are any specific requests for posts on any of these tools then let me know in the comments, otherwise I will post about them as and when I have something interesting to say.

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