TeXworks shortcuts

I use TeXworks as my LaTeX editor currently and I recently discovered a few shortcuts that I'm finding really handy in the preview window:

Shift + click = Zoom in
Alt + click = Zoom out
Ctrl + click = Find paragraph in source code

Hope those few are helpful to someone. Let me know if there are any others that I might find useful!


Adding bzr files through the cb2bib

I recently described my referencing process where I simultaneously hold reference pdf files in a version control system and keep track of their details in bibtex file. I have also described a problem I've been having with my version control system of choice, Bazaar.

Based on these I decided that there might be a better (more automated) way of adding my references. After a very useful email exchange with the author of cb2bib they confirmed that this should be possible. Now, after a day of messing around and learning about various command-line tools that I hadn't used before, I think I've got it working. Here's how...

First I created a new batch file that I called "bzrAddRef.bat". Here are its contents:

@echo OFF

rem --------------------------------------------------------------------------
rem cb2Bib Tools addition by J. Welford
rem --------------------------------------------------------------------------

echo   bzrAddRef:
echo   cb2Bib script for adding BibTeX files to a Bazaar repository
echo   Using sed and xargs utilities from:
echo   http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net
echo   Path below may need changing to be within the repository

echo   Processing:
cd "C:\Users\welf\Documents\literatureReview"
sed -n -e "s|.*file.*=.*{\(.*\)}.*|\"\1\"|p" %1 > bzrRefs.tmp
xargs bzr add <bzrRefs.tmp
del bzrRefs.tmp

Only the last 4 lines are really important. The first one sets the working directory, I don't think it matters what you use as long as you have write access and it is within the repository you want to add to. The next line runs through the current bibtex file and extracts the location of all the references to a temporary file. The next line adds all these files to Bazaar repository. The final line deletes the temporary file. (maybe I could have used a pipe between commands so that the temporary file was not required?)

Some special commands are used that will need to be installed, what you need are: sed.exe (and its dependencies:  regex2.dll, libintl3.dll, libiconv2.dll) and xargs.exe.

Within the settings of cb2bib this batch file can now be pointed at under the "Configure BibTeX" - "External BibTeX Postprocessing" - "Command:" section. Once that is done simply hitting "Alt"+"p" in the cb2bib window should run the batch file and add all the references to version control.

I hope the helps someone! (I presume it could be altered for other version control systems or be called from other applications.)